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Most sports teams rely on parents and/or coaches to film and photograph each sporting event. This often leads to a lengthy delay when attempting to access the photos or videos and also adds distractions to the parents and coaches, preventing them from focusing on the actual game.

Our crews at Aerial and 360 Extreme Sports specialize in capturing the energy, spirit, sportsmanship, and competitive side of action sports. We use professional equipment to film, photograph, and live stream your events, create posters, videos, recruitment tools, and other promotional materials.

We are completely neutral when it comes to winning or losing teams. Our focus is on capturing the event and creating content worthy of sharing and posting to your team page(s).

If you are worried about the costs associated with hiring a professional team for videography and photography you will be surprised at how affordable it is. We also encourage students interested in learning about film and photography to help us on the field.

To discuss having Aerial and 360 Extreme Sports represent your team please email: service@aerialand360.com